Ultimate Forex Resources

I have spent hundreds of hours researching and learning about Forex Trading.  The recommendations here are products and services that my mentors, my fellow Fx trading peers (traders that I actually know and trust) and myself have used to help us along on our Forex journey.

Keep in mind, however, that everything on these pages may not necessarily be suited for all traders.  We are all on different levels of our Forex journey and some recommendations may be better suited for beginners while other items are geared more towards those that are further along on their trading journey, with that in mind though, there is something here for everyone.  My goal on this page is to recommend products and services that is beneficial to help all levels of Fx traders to become more successful.

We need to change the statistics that says 95% of Fx traders lose money!

So, you’ve got the desire to learn to trade in the Forex market successfully, now you need the knowledge and tools to expound on that desire. For this, you’re going to need some direction to help you reach your goal.   Do not believe those that say this was a get rich quick scheme.   Actually, to become wealthy with Forex is a very real possibility BUT you have to develop the knowledge and mindset to do so. You have to invest the time, the practice and the discipline to have success in this market.  But if you stay the course and put in the time to develop into a great trader, you will become wealthy---very wealthy!

It’s super important you invest the time to gain the knowledge by properly educating yourself about the Fx market. Proper risk management, money management, knowledge of how the market works and trading psychology are just to name a few key elements, these points are vital to the success of Forex traders.

I remember when I first started learning how to trade, I would see all these stories of how people gained thousands and thousands of dollars overnight. It frustrated me that I was not seeing that same success. As I began to dive deeper into Fx, I then realized that these same people that claimed to have made these thousands of dollars overnight, either highly overleveraged their account, or had that one great trade and ultimately ended up giving those thousands right back to the market. I then thought how uneducated these traders must be.  I say that because every one of these people that boasted about the spectacular gains were not consistent in their trading and many of them have not been active in the trading forums or blogs anymore.  I wonder why…hmmmm?

I now know better.  I know that this thing called Forex trading is a journey and not a sprint.  Proper elements must be in place to be able to make a consistent living with Forex.  Slow and steady gains compounding exponentially along with gaining proper knowledge will make you a wealthy Forex trader!

Check out these resource recommendations and add the items that makes sense to you to your Forex trading tools. We all must invest in our skill. Commit to continually learning to increase your skill level.  Those of us that believe in Forex know what a value having this skill is to our lives, to our families lives.  Properly learning how to trade successfully WILL no doubt increase your bank account, your mindset, your lifestyle, your family legacy!

These resources will be updated on a continual basis so check back often. 


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