Recommended Forex Books

So you are interested in expanding your Forex knowledge, GREAT!!!!  Well I am compiling the ultimate Forex reading list for you! Sort of a one stop shop point of reference for helpful Forex investing.  These are THE BEST Forex trading books for new and seasoned traders!

Listed here are a few books that has helped me along on my journey.  Look through this list and check back often, as I read more books about Forex,  I will add more here.  So if you can't find one that piques your curiosity today tomorrow one just might.  I am compiling this resource so that, we as Forex traders, will have a quick and convenient reference source to refer to should we need to brush up on a skill or two, need some mindset coaching, or just want to enhance and add to our Forex knowledge.

Most books on this list will be about Forex trading, but I will also include books about psychology (both related and unrelated to trading), wealth building, general investing, mindset development and entrepreneurship.  The best books about Forex trading are ones that not only cover trading but also address mindset, trading psychology, money management, and strategy.

There are so much information out there regarding Forex trading, some really good information and some--- well not so good information.  I hope you find this list informative and enjoyable.  My goal to help sift through the noise of trading and recommend quality helpful books about Forex.

All Time Favorite Forex Books:

So these are a few books that I will always recommend that EVERY Forex trader should own.  Not only have these books served as a reference for me but they have help explained to some new traders what the world of Forex is all about.  Add these books to your reading library you won't regret it.

"Currency Trading for Dummies":  Anyone that is familiar with the "For Dummies" franchise knows how easy and helpful their content is.  This book is a God send! Seriously! This was one of the first books I read when I discovered the Foreign Exchange market.  You can read this book from cover to cover or skip around and only read the chapters that are relevant to whatever question you are needing more information about.  It is a very easy read.  There are so many "tips and tricks" that is discussed in this book from the perspective of professional traders. The layout is easy to follow.  The explanations are thorough and very helpful. You will definitely have a way better understanding of the Forex market after reading this book.  Keep this as your point of reference, it will become your textbook for Forex 101.  This book will take you from a novice Forex trader to a skilled trader in no time.  This book is HIGHLY recommended, seriously,  if you don't have this book GET IT!!!

Who will benefit from "Currency Trading For Dummies"?

  • Anyone that is unaware of how the the Fx market works
  • Anyone interested in or wondering what the Forex market is about
  • New Forex traderes
  • Moderate level Forex
  • Forex Educators, coaches and mentors

"Japanese Candlestick Charting Technique": What can I say its a book written by Steve Nison the man that introduced the Western world to  candlestick charting.  Nison has studied this form of charting for over 30 years.  This book is a must have for the trader that utilizes the candlestick chart for trading. This book gives a full explanation of candlestick sentiments, chart placement, and pattern recognition.  This book with help you analyze what the market is telling you regarding your trade setup.  Understanding candlestick charting and technical analysis combined is a dynamic force for your Forex trading.  The great thing about this book is that you can use the information you acquire from this book in all markets.  This book will literally 10x your trading if you grasp the power of reading candlesticks.

Who will   benefit from "Japanese Candlestick Charting Technique"?

  • Anyone that uses the candlestick chart to trade.
  • Anyone that's wants a deeper understanding of candlestick charts and how to determine market sentiment
  • Probably better suited for those that already have at least a basic understanding of Forex
  • Anyone wanting to enhance their trading profitably
  • Day Traders, Professional Traders, Educators

"Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude":   The title says it all right?  I try to listen to this audiobook at least monthly. This book does a great job at explaining why human psychology and mindset cannot be ignored in trading.  You will not be a successful trader without having the mindset of a successful trader and the author Mark Douglas helps you to understand that.  If you are familiar with RAS- reticular activating system then you may easily relate to "Trading in the Zone".

Who will benefit from "Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline, and a Winning Attitude"?

  •  Anyone who understands that mindset is EVERYTHING in trading.
  • Anyone that needs a mindset reset or boost
  • Anyone that needs a mindshift
  • This book should be read at every phase of you Forex trading career.
  • All traders can benefit from this book

"Naked Forex: High-Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators":  Naked Forex was the first book about strategy I had read.   I love this book because the technique is  very relatable to the way I view the markets.  The authors base their strategy on a simple method: price action and candlestick patterns.  No indicators, or other fancy charting tools, I don't even think technical analysis was heavy discussed int this book.  This book gives you a different view about the market and the candlestick sentiment.  Just by simply monitoring how price is behaving.   You should have to have a considerable amount of understanding about the Forex market and candlestick patterns in order to fully gasp all the jewels this book entails.  I would even say you should know how price action work as well.  This book may be too advanced for some newer traders but it will definitely take your trading to the next level if you are an active disciplined trader. Add this book to your library you will gain a nugget or two every time you read this book.  Refer to it often! 

Who will benefit from "Naked Forex: High-Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators"?

  • Anyone that is seeking a different perspective of the Forex market
  • Anyone that is developing or tweaking their trading plan and wants to upgrade or tweak their trading strategy
  • Anyone looking to obtain a deeper understanding of the role that price action plays in Forex
  • All traders can benefit but may be best understood if you have some trading experience already